least visited countries and why you should travel to them in 2020

why not consider the road or waterway less traveled , today we’re exploring the world’s least visited countries and why you should travel to them in 2020

for this list we’re taking a look at the features and wonders of the world’s most obscure travel destinations assessed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization this list which focuses on the South Pacific and Oceania excludes some countries deemed a safety risk due to political troubles


the Federated States of Micronesia


made up of 607 tiny islands,  the Federated States of Micronesia add up to a tiny collective landmass of around 271 square miles , so if you desire you’re pretty much guaranteed your own private getaway amazingly this remote archipelago with 30,000 annual visitors , in 2016 has been a home to humans for many centuries , the city-state of Nan Madol just off the shore of Pohnpei , Island is a unesco world heritage , site with stone buildings , now in ruins built between 1200 and 1500 AD sound domain and putting CP ever , dream of having a species named,  after you well your best opportunity may well be on the islands


soa to Me and príncipe

this biodiversity hotspot , is brimming with life , with new flowers , and creatures regularly discovered by scientists , created by a massive volcanic eruption , some 31 million years ago the islands have unesco protection status , as a key site for coral reefs sea turtlesand medicinal plants , during  your  visit why not try a glass of delicious catch Amba a local rum , made from sugarcane perfect for the sweet tooth did Venturer




Nicknamed , the perfume isles under French colonial rule , this island nation , is renowned for its aromatic breezes,  thanks to the huge variety of incredible flowers and plants , that bloom on its shores from jasmine , to vanilla , to lemongrass , the unique geography and climate of the three islands , ensure that your senses will be stimulated , from dawn to dusk , only on kymaro’s can you I’m an active volcano in the morning before bathing, in a nourishing salt lake ,by night boasting crystal-clear water and pure white beaches , this is a potential honeymoon destination with a scent of the unknown the